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Straight after HRGV2015 was done and dusted, we were full steam ahead with HRGV2016, where I acted as main Digital & Print Designer.

Working on an HR Grapevine event is always a diverse, yet enjoyable challenge, and there was so much that I wanted to change and implement after producing HRGV2015’s website.

The focus for that years website was to improve User Experience and convert visitors into paying delegates, and I needed to make sure that the website was scalable, and flexible to accommodate any new content we would need to add.

I decided a multiple page website would be the best way forward, and I wanted the website to be as visually striking as the theme for that year, as well as showcase how different and unique it is to the other events in the same industry by using photographs and video from previous events.

In the previous years, buying a ticket would take you to a store on the corporate website, and to me this felt like a bad user journey/experience. So I liaised with the Back-end Developers and we were able to make this a part of the event website it self.

I think all of these things came together really well and I was really pleased with outcome, especially with the fact the website accounted for 35% of tickets sold for the event that year, which was an improvement of 206% from the previous year.