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The original HR Grapevine News website was well overdue a redesign, so the project was handed to another member of the team, who created a news website, that aesthetically, was very pleasing, and incorporated some new industry trends. Unfortunately when we launched, our reader engagement dropped, as did our site impressions. It was at this point that I was called into the project.

We compared the original design with the new version to try and work out why this was happening. We compared things like site navigation, how users navigate to other content and layout. From this, we concluded that the change was too drastic for our audience, the new design not user-friendly enough for the audience, and lacking in opportunities to navigate to other pieces of content.

With all this information, we decided to bring essences of the old layout back, but keeping aspects of the new style. We made finding new editorial content easier, sections that had been removed were added back in, but made to fit with the new style, and found new ways to encourage the user to keep on ready. Within a week, we had a new design, and we were re-launching. Thankfully, things started to pick back up.

I think this project reinforced the importance of designing for your audience, and although designs do need to be attractive, they need to be functional. It also really highlights how good User Experience is crucial to any business.