Re-engaging users of a news website


After reaching the second stage interview with Yourfeed, I was set a short brief to test my abilities. The brief was to create an app that would allow school leavers to see future options other than university. I thought it would be a good idea to add the project to my portfolio as it showcases how quickly I can work, and again shows my approach to a project.


Highlight key information in the brief, research the target audience, create a timeline to keep focused and showcase as many of my abilities as possible within the time I had. I also decided that the target audience, might not actually have a CV so I wanted to design something that eradicated that, and was based on skills and experiences. I also had to keep the project on brand with Yourfeed, so had to research into their brand identity.


UX Designer

Skills & Tools

UX design, User research, Adobe Experience Design


  • Research

    Before I could start I needed to fully understand the audience outlined in the brief and why this would be beneficial for them. Some of the topics I researched were the options school leavers had, services already trying to fill that gap and standard industry-leading job boards. I also research elements that Yourfeed was using, and created small library of elements to use.


    Due to my time constraints, I planned out the rough user journey and decided on information needed to progress through the app. My time constraints also meant that I wouldn’t be able to experiment with structure, layout and hierarchy. However, as I was using the Yourfeed I already has some guidance as to what this should look like.

  • Wireframe

    Due to the quick turnaround needed for this, I decided to only wireframe the profile creation process of the app. I did this so I could work out what information was required, allowing me to move on to high fidelity mockups for the applying for a job section. Doing this forced me to make decisions about what information was completely necessary and if the profile setup was quick and could potentially be done while commuting.

    Mock ups

    I decided that I would showcase my ability to create high fidelity mockups with the applying for a job part of the app. Influenced by the information I had gathered about Yourfeed’s brand, I fused elements of their brand with personal touches I felt would make the process more engaging.

  • Results

    Overall, I was quite happy with what I had been able to achieve within the 10 hours. I felt that it showcased my abilities well and Yourfeed must of felt so too, as the interview was successful. If I were to continue with the project, I’d like to set up interviews with the target audience to understand their struggles and what they would benefit from.

    Other Projects

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    Role: UX Designer

    Selling myself short

    It's all well and good having an online portfolio, but when it doesn't showcase what it is you actually do, it's time to go back to the drawing board. This is the process I took to better showcase myself and my skills.

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