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HR Grapevine Live is one of the biggest HR events in its industry. I was challenged with generating as many online ticket sales as possible through the website, to ease the pressure on the sales team. It also is like no other in its industry, as it has to be very visually pleasing and very creative. The website also needed to be able to act as a web app that delegates could pin to their phone home screen, giving them all the information needed for the day.


I needed to understand how the users were using the last events website, so used Google Analytics to view their behaviors flow. I also need to improve the user experience and journey, previously when you wanted to book a ticket, you were taken to a different site, which seemed quite disruptive. Research ways to make the web app feel as native as possible.


UX Designer, Front-end Developer & Back-end Developer

Skills & Tools

UX Design, Research, Photoshop, Google Analytics, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI-Kit, PHP, CodeIgniter


The event website was a huge success. We managed to generate 35% of all ticket sales via the website, this was an improvement of 206% from the previous year.

I think allowing people to purchase a ticket really helped improve the conversion rate. I also made sure to improve the visibility of the book now section. To do this, I added a constant book now button to the header section that was separate to the main nav, I also added a card that would appear on most pages informing them or promotions.

Although the web app was successful, it was impossible to really recreate that native app feel on all devices. Android users had the best experience as their devices rendered the web page as if it were a native app. When viewing the web app on an iPhone however, the device included the address bar and you just felt you were using a website. In an ideal world React Native would have been released earlier and we would of had the opportunity to utilise this technology to create something much better.

Other Projects

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After a redesign didn't quite hit the mark for the readers of a news website, I jumped in to help re-redesign it to try and re-engage them. I analysed behavioural flows and user interactions to work out what had annoyed them and to come up with a solution.

Role: UX Designer

Speed UX Design

A short project to showcase my skills for the second stage of an interview. A fun and challenging project where I sped through the entire UX Design process. Sketches to Prototypes.

Role: UX Designer