Hi! I'm Giuseppe and I am a massive advocate of functional design. I combine my design skills with an analytical approach, ensuring that at the root of every decision, the focus is on the user and their experience.

I’ve been designing and coding for over 7 years now and am happy working on any part of a project. I can form great relationships with clients and stakeholders and enjoy hearing their feedback. I’ve grown and lead a multi-disciplined team of Designers and Developers, encouraging professional development. I’m happy doing project research, competitor analysis or ideas generation. I can also use the research to sketch out ideas, create wireframes and bring it all together with high fidelity mockups.

Quite often, I’ll also roll up my sleeves and get stuck in with HTML, CSS and Javascript to create responsive and semantic front-ends. Every now and again, I also like dabbling in the back-end using PHP and MySQL.

Most of all, I really enjoy designing with a commercial purpose, using analytical tools to constantly improve the user experience. Want to increase conversion rates? I got you. Need to engage more users and increase your stats. Say no more.

I’m looking for a new role, ideally with a company that has a great culture, but also supports and invests in their employees. I am constantly developing and learning and want to use the skills and knowledge I have to better the company and their products or service.

Wanna get in touch? Awesome! Drop me a line on 07896 678901 or leave me a message.

Pointless facts about me: