UX Designer & Front-end Developer

Hi! I'm Giuseppe.

I have been designing and coding for over 7 years and use my understanding of code to create clean, functional designs that solve problems.

I'm comfortable leading a team, working with clients and communicating with stake holders.

I've also worked within a group of senior managers to improve employee engagement and retention. As well as ensuring company KPIs and commercial targets were met.

Recent Projects

Redesign to re-engage

After a redesign didn't quite hit the mark for the readers of a news website, I jumped in to help re-redesign it to try and re-engage them. I analysed behavioural flows and user interactions to work out what had annoyed them and to come up with a solution.

Role: UX Designer

Selling myself short

It's all well and good having an online portfolio, but when it doesn't showcase what it is you actually do, it's time to go back to the drawing board. This is the process I took to better showcase myself and my skills.

Role: UX Designer & Front-end Developer

Speed UX Design

A short project to showcase my skills for the second stage of an interview. A fun and challenging project where I sped through the entire UX Design process. Sketches to Prototypes.

Role: UX Designer